Sunday, February 12, 2012


Find me on Polyvore

When I begin to actually blog about fashion and such, you can usually find examples and 'Get the Look' on my Polyvore account, here. Just some helpful info for the future!

Stay classy,
Caroline ;3

Friday, February 10, 2012


No worries, I'm not going to speak Spanish where you have to translate...which is TOTALLY fun to do in class (NOT). ANYWAYS, for those who may not have figured out that this isn't Rebecca, I'm her partner-in-crime Caroline. Our next scheme is this blog here, which Rebecca seems to have described already. I'll be sure to post in a different font so that you won't get us confused. Well, I won't 'bore' you any longer- let the fun begin!

Stay classy,

Kicking it off!

Hi everyone!  Kicking off this soon to be FAB blog is Rebecca!  I have always wanted to start a blog! What better way to do it than with my best friend?  My friend, Caroline and I are the "owners" of ClassynotClashy!  This is a blog for FASHION, teens, beauty, food, and who knows what other surprises might lay ahead!  ClassynotClashy is technically "under constuction"!  We will always try to improve and share amazing knowledge with you, while giving you the best blog experience possible!  Please comment on our posts!  Now, before I bore you anymore than I already have.... Welcome!

Fashionably Yours,