Monday, August 6, 2012

Lucky-Inspired finds

Back again!
    So sorry it's been awhile! We've been SUPER busy with travelling, AP summer work (ugh!), and other little errands. I for one am glad to be back on track with blogging, I've missed it terrbily! To kick it off once again, I'm starting with new online shopping websites that I found browsing through July's Lucky magazine issue. These websites I've found AMAZING deals and items! I'm hoping you like them to!

~Cute and Cheap

This website has everything from adorable tops to vintage jewelry, mostly all under $30! Here are some of their items:
The Clarisa Top

Distressed Arrow
~Handmade Lace

    These Balinese lace products are all handmade and consist of great quality! They sell things from white lace dresses to lace scarves.
Camilla Dress

Isabel Shorts

~Enormous Variety
Do you like those websites with so much stuff you almost have to search for what you want? This is one of those! I could spend hours on here, and it isn't just junk you're sifting through. They've got some great deals as well!
Graphic cutout heart tee

Zigzag maxi skirt

Hope you enjoyed today's finds! Please comment below on your thoughts, questions, or concerns! Let us know what you liked! If you hav eany other places you'd like me to check out and be a possible future feature, let me know!

With style,


  1. Uluwatu lace is just the best, right?

  2. Gorgeous items, you made me discover some great new brands!

    X Saskia