Monday, March 19, 2012

Spice it up!

What to wear with that bathing suit?

Obviously you usually don't want to wear jewelry... it's going to ruin getting wet. We all know they wear them in the magazines, but let's get real here: They aren't ACTUALLY planning on swimming or doing anything, except posing for a picture. The solution to this issue? Accessorize with sunglasses!

Sunglasses come in so many varieties, designs, and colors. You just have to find the ones that fit your style. Personally, I'll buy one name brand pair such as Chanel, Prada, Ray Ban, etc. and then I'll purchase several inexpensive ones that are still totally cute. I usually buy cheap ones that have an adorable design. Fashion labelled ones for me are usually a neutral color that go with most anything. Urban Outfitters has a variety of cute shades to choose from now! From heart-shaped to wayfarers, I'm sure you'll find a pair that match you!

Stay Classy,

Ray Ban Aviators

Urban Outfitters- $14

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