Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Southern "Glow"

Summer has finally arrived, and it is about time!  I thought school would never end!  The definition of summer is the warmest season of the year!  And with warm weather, fun times are sure to follow!  Down South it is almost always warm, but in the summer "warm" can take on a whole new meaning!  The way you dress is an art you must quickly master!  H&M unfortunately does not have many stores where I live, but that has not stopped me from drooling over their recent stock of summer things!  The color palette reminds me of  the Bahamian beaches with the blues, whites, and peachy shades!  So breezy and crisp!  Not only are these simply beautiful, but so are the prices!  I might have to take a trip to Atlanta just to visit H&M!  Below are pictures from my vacation in the Bahamas during March with Caroline!  Now, try to tell me you do not understand my point! 

Fashionably Yours,

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