Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Celebration

The countdown to the holidays is closing in on us- this season is about to become quite hectic! Before you fret about gift buying, wishlist making, or party planning, check out my next series of posts that will provide you with some advice for the holiday season!

Have you ever been in that situation where you cannot seem to find the perfect outfit for the your team's Christmas party or a friend's Dirty Santa gathering? No fear- Caroline is here! (Okay yes, that was a little cheesy, but hey, it works)

Here are some of my favorite holiday ensembles to wear to Christmas celebrations:
Don't forget your tacky Christmas sweater! It's a must have for every party!
Can't go through the season without some classic riding boots. They're the perfect addition to a simple outfit!
Never leave the house without a piece of outerwear- it's chilly outside!
These cozy and comfortable Christmas patterned tights are the perfect touch with some boots and an over-sized sweater!

Hope these tips helped ease your holiday stress a little! Stay tuned for more to come loves (:

With style,

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