Monday, December 17, 2012

Unexpected and Unstoppable

          Since I was twelve I have had a secret obsession with Doc Martens.  Yes you heard me, prissy, dainty, high-maintanence Rebecca has a fetish with the most fantastically chunky combat boots.  Of course, in my tender and awkward middle school days I was FAR too self-conscious to rock the look without getting an eyebrow raise from the rest of my Abercrombie clad classmates.  Now, on the other hand, I would wear them in a heartbeat, though statement combat boots would certainly stand out among my repertoire of monogrammed accessories and my sorority-hopeful filled school.  Many people think Doc Martens are too risky, but if one does a little digging, FABULOUS pairs begin to appear.  One must only first get past dark goth black and shiny big bird yellow monstrosities.  A picture of the most personality fitting Docs did start this obsession a while back on Polyvore.  Unfortunately, I cannot find them to purchase anywhere now!  HELP!!
What an ironic pair, huh?  Yet, they are so perfectly balanced, and I cannot resist the perfectly oversized sequins combined with the fairy-tale laces.  This statement pair is my all time favorite.
          If I were to take a risk and wear Doc Martens in Sweet Home Alabama I would certainly want a pair that is a perfect mix of my girly aesthetic and a dash of an eclectic twist to mix it up a little.

Below are some more pairs I am drooling over: (but it is a classy drool!)
In a luxurious velvety oxblood this pair caught my eye.  How cute would this plush, vintage pair be with a sundress or pearls?  Unexpected right?

Who can resist a funky leopard?  Treat this crazy print as a neutral and cool-factor is instantly upped.
A simple and buttery oxblood pair would be an option that allows me to keep a foot in my comfort zone.

In a search for my #1 FAVORITE sequined pair, I uncovered this shimmering jewel!  This pair would be unstoppable in a shorter version.  I love the toned down metallic.

One must never overdo preppy pieces, and a floral on black print could be oh, so fabulous mixed with an oxford or nautical stripes.  What better way to add a little edge?  
Fashionably Yours,


  1. love this!

  2. Maybe im not the audience for Martens shoes but still very cool:)

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