Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tea, Floppy Hats, White, and GRADUATION!

     People deal with problems and stress in different ways. I choose to confront lurking monsters. With that being said, on behalf of ClassynotClashy, I apologize for the salutary neglect (oops, just neglect. It is apparent that exams are getting to me huh?) of this fashionable establishment. I can assure you that it will not happen again. I can also go so far as to assure you that some splendid happenings are planned for the blog this summer!
     Oh my gosh. SUMMER. School is ending, and with the end of school comes tea, floppy hats, white, and graduation! I am fortunate enough to get to participate in D) All of the above. Well, except for graduation...
     On the bright side I have specially selected pieces that can be donned at upcoming graduation functions! Graduation is about celebrating youth and spring. It is only fitting for colors to pop and for outfits to take risks. Fascinators are oh-so fun, and I love Coco Rocha's twist with fresh flowers! Take a chance with prints and texture such as stripes, leopard, beading, feathers, neoprene, and lace for maximum fun! To complete an outfit, I love the idea of nude shoes due to extreme details up top, but subtle stripes and leopard are possibilities as well. I also prefer wedges because gatherings tend to be outside in grassy areas! Take a moment to peruse my selected items, but there were so many more possibilities when I started researching. The labels that mean spring and fun to me are Milly, Shoshanna, Lilly Pulitzer, and Tibi. Their websites were oh-so-tantalizing!

Vineyard Vines

Lilly Pulitzer



Model Coco Rocha appears fresh at the Kentucky Derby
Charles David
Designer Shoe Warehouse
Dianne Von Furstenburg

Fashionably Yours,

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